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Pendant Lights Versus Chandelier: Which is the Better Choice?

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When picking out a lighting option that’s both functional and decorative, chandelier and pendant lighting comes to mind. Such fixtures brighten the household areas with elegance and class. Below are the distinctions between these two to ensure that you will be making the right choice.

Pendant Lights Versus Chandelier


Pendant lighting is available in different decorative types and forms. Nevertheless, before selecting one, figure out the purpose of buying it. One aspect to remember is that a pendant lighting hangs from a chain or cable from the ceiling. Because it is not as large and does not take up as much space like a chandelier, it is popular among homeowners. For workplaces, like the laundry or kitchen space, it does a great job illuminating up a dark area.

A chandelier provides elegance to each space. It is often the lighting source or even hanging decoration. In the past, chandeliers held candles and were the main tool of lighting for churches and rich people. But while lighting technology made better and smaller sized light fixtures supplied the necessary light, chandeliers practically vanished.

Today, chandeliers are available in a wide range of styles and variations. Crystal, transitional, downlight, tiered, and rustic are several of the readily available types. Also, when selecting a chandelier, its proportion is essential. A chandelier that is possibly too big or small can quickly get unwelcome attention when its goal blends in and complements the spot.

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Every light calls for a unique installation and should be set up correctly. For instance, the cable for a pendant light is hard-wired and must be between four and six feet so that there will not be any dangling cords or chains. Additionally, it would have a polished appearance, making it a lasting light fixture and main light source. Nevertheless, it is labor-intensive compared to a plugin. When the lighting is a plugin, the cord must be a minimum of nine-foot-long.

The reason behind the variations in cable length is the need to have an adjustment in length based on how high and low the light is strung from the ceiling. This means that when the ceiling is high, a longer cable or chain is needed.

A chandelier can be challenging in terms of replacement. When the ceiling is higher, then the light must be higher; however, if the room is a significant one, then the fixture’s width must be. The place that the chandelier is hung and the length of time it will impact both the room and function. For instance, if it is attached way too small, people could bump their heads or impede foot traffic in the space. If it is hung way too high, then the gentle will not effectively cover the area. Hanging a chandelier is labor-intensive and really should be strung by an electrician.


If it is an easy replacement job of pendant lights, the homeowner can do this, as opposed to that of a chandelier that requires complete installation.

Whether a specialist is required for pendant light installation is dependent on which light type. When the lighting is a plugin, then the installation might be performed by a handy homeowner. On the other hand, if it is hard-wired, then a specialist is required considering that the electrical wiring in the ceiling might have to be modified for the brand-new light. As this task involves either changing a light fixture or even running a brand new wiring, it is a simpler installation.

Hanging a chandelier is labor-intensive and really should be strung by an electrician. When the chandelier is fitted in a brand-new spot, new electrical in the ceiling would be needed. Furthermore, the chandelier’s dimensions might affect the setting up due to additional bracing or mounting to the ceiling, making it a more complicated installation.

When it comes to these fixtures, comparing them is especially important to determine which one is better suited for you.

Planning to Install Downlights LED? Here are the Tips

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When you’re in the industry for downlights among the things you need to make sure of is actually the kind of fittings you presently have in your home or office in which the lighting fixtures have to be put in. After this you must buy lighting for those fixtures. For example, in case you’ve GU10 lighting fixtures in the home then buy LED downlights that are created for GU10 or they would not fit as intended. Several of the most typical fittings are E27, MR16, GU10, and B22. If you are not certain, have a couple of photos of the fittings as well as search online to find precisely what kinds of fittings, they are and next find LEDs accordingly. After you do make use of the following suggestions below to set them up.

Downlights LED Installation Tips

Use LED transformers

Several lights which need transformers while there are those that will not base on the way the wiring of a construction has been set up. Households that typically have 240V AC electricity, are usually not compatible with most devices sold online and can call for a transformer. Generally, MR16 illumination are going to run on only 12V DC or even Direct Current and for that they would need a transformer if used within a 240V method. A GU10, E27 and B22 down light which works on 240V AC present will not have to have a transformer in case a 240V power setup is available. And so, before LEDs are purchased by you it will be a great idea to first check just how the home wiring device has been set up to find out which fittings as well as transformers you need.

Use Dimmer Switches

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In case you are planning to make use of a dimmer during the set-up activity with the LED downlights that you put in next you must purchase lighting which is agreeable with dimmers. You are going to need to buy a specific kind of dimmer that is made to work with LED lighting effects since conventional dimmers are not compatible with the current lighting. Usually businesses that will provide downlights LED have a summary of suitable dimmers or even suggested dimmers which should enable you to locate the best one.

Soldering downlights

When soldering the LEDs lamps to the fixture or even into place they’ve to be a minimum of 3mm from the resin’s foundation. Additionally, there ought to be no physical force that is positioned on these fixtures, then you must ensure they’re not warming up endlessly to be able to stay away from damage and injury potential to the property. Nonetheless, with the appropriate resources you need to be able to assess both heat as well as the present working through the lighting fixtures to make certain it does not cause harm.

Make sure all wires are insulated

When you are done with the required set up be sure to check all the cables and connections to make sure they are protected. LED lights are vulnerable to heat up and sparking that may harm them. And so, one very last check must be done before screwing again everything and making use of the lights as you usually do.

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