Should You Buy a Swim Spa for Sale Or Is It Safe Now to Visit Your Community Pool Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic?

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Swimming is obviously excellent for runners – it is a wonderful form of cross-training for those intending to run in a half marathon or a marathon event, as well as helping injured runners recover more quickly.

While the world prepares to return to what we consider the new “normal,” many people are wondering if it is safe to visit public pools now that Covid-19 vaccinations are being given everywhere. Or is it a better idea to look for a swimming spa for sale instead?

What are the chances of Covid-19 infecting unsuspecting people in public pools? 

Concerned authorities declared in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, after consulting with public health governing bodies and national health leaders, that the coronavirus is inactive in swimming pools, including community pool facilities, due to the amount of chlorine used in treating the pool water. 

Even so, people who wish to visit community swimming pools are encouraged to take a shower first before they step into the pool. They should also take a shower immediately upon making their exit before going home, and another when they arrive.

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According to a report made by the World Health Organization (WHO), 15mg.min/L was shown to be the adequate dose of chlorine to inactivate viruses, including the likes of rotavirus, poliovirus, and coxsackievirus, while Covid-19, a moderately enclosed virus, was inactivated at even lower levels.

Reopening of Community Pools

Authorities have forced the temporary closure of recreational facilities to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This will include public swimming pools, health gyms and spas, movie houses, theatres, and other similar leisure centers.

As the lockdown was lifted on March 29, outdoor public swimming pools and lidos, as well as open water venues, resumed partial operations and reopened to the public.

Indoor pool equipment, as well as gyms and other similar sports facilities, will be able to resume their operations on Monday, April 12th, but only for individual use or for usage exclusively by household groups starting that day.

Last year, authorities outlined the following safety precautions swimmers should observe when resuming the use of community pool equipment. At the moment, public pools remain closed, but when they are allowed to reopen, the public should observe the following precautions:

  • You are not supposed to visit community pools if you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • Before leaving your home, you should double-check the hours of operation and swimming rules at your neighborhood pool.
  • Make it a goal to arrive at the pool facility prepared to swim. Put on your swimsuit or swim shorts and get ready to go…By this measure, you will minimize your time in the changing room. Depart from the public pool facility as soon as you have completed your swimming session.
  • Take a shower at home as soon as you arrive. 
  • Showering before entering the pool is also encouraged, since “showering before swimming is your contribution to ensuring that the pool water chlorine is accessible for SARS-CoV-2 disinfection. 
  • Bring a hand sanitizer and label any equipment or aids (e.g., floats/kickboards) with your name, to suggest that it is your personal property and thus nobody will touch it by mistake. Clean or sterilize them before and after going to the pool.
  • Keep in mind the pool facility regulations and how long you will be in the water when you are at the facility.
  • When the lanes are busy, refrain from doing wide strokes like the butterfly stroke. 

If you need a few minutes of rest or are just trying to catch your breath after swimming, please keep in mind that other swimmers in the same lane as you will want to continue swimming without stopping, so move yourself to the lane’s edge. This way, others can turn to the wall, turning their heads away and thus still maintaining social distancing measures.

Consider looking for a swim spa for sale to buy if it is a must for you or any of your household members to use swimming pool equipment, such as for therapeutic or aquatic exercises. By far, this is the most practical and safest way you can continue your use of pool equipment while the Covid-19 scare is still out there.